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Services by Dr. Mary Delorey

Northwest Equine Dentistry provides a broad range of dental services.

The foundation of dental health lies in an annual comprehensive exam with occlusal adjustments. The power of this basic service is the power of prevention. Small problems caught early by an experienced eye and treated skillfully never develop into big problems.

But when bigger problems exist, we have the experience to solve them.

Here's a list of some of our most popular services:

  • Preventative dental care planning and implementation
  • Complete oral/dental exams
  • Occlusal adjustments and maintenance
  • Geriatric horse dental care
  • Young horse dental evaluations
  • Periodontal disease diagnosis, treatment and long term management
  • Advanced Diagnostics featuring Digital Radiography and video endoscopy
  • Dental Surgery and extractions
  • Complex problem solving and severe case management
  • Training Barn programs for maximum performance and optimum health
  • Boarding Facility programs for dental health care made easy

Dr. DeLorey has cooperative relationships with a few elite veterinary hospitals throughout the region. There is virtually no condition that cannot be handled safely and efficiently by this team approach to veterinary care.